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Artists submitted by LORDOSOLIVAIS
72 artists
Artist name Genres Country Albums Votes Date
preview The Re-Stoned Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock Russia 1 0 2019-12-11
preview The Mission Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock United Kingdom 4 0 2017-10-06
preview Heavy Pettin New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Hard Rock United Kingdom 4 0 2017-10-05
preview Voodoo Six Hard Rock United Kingdom 5 0 2017-09-26
preview Jettblack Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal United Kingdom 3 0 2017-09-26
preview Inglorious Hard Rock Heavy Metal United Kingdom 3 0 2017-09-25
preview Herman Rarebell Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Germany 1 0 2017-09-21
preview Ultravox New Wave, Synthpop, Post-Punk, Electronica Art Rock United Kingdom 1 0 2017-09-19
preview Spandau Ballet New Wave, Blue-Eyed Soul, Synth-Pop United Kingdom 1 0 2017-09-19
preview The Snakes Hard Rock, Blues Rock United Kingdom 2 0 2017-09-18
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Albums submitted by LORDOSOLIVAIS
603 albums
Image Artist name Album title Release date Rating Votes Date
Gastwerso preview Sarke preview Gastwerso 2019-11-01 0 2020-12-05
Viige Urh preview Sarke preview Viige Urh 2017-10-13 0 2020-12-05
Reignited preview Torch preview Reignited 2020-09-25 0 2020-10-27
Power Up preview AC/DC preview Power Up 2020-11-13 0 2020-10-11
The Symbol Remains preview Blue Öyster Cult preview The Symbol Remains 2020-10-09 0 2020-09-01
Against The World preview HammerFall preview Against The World [Live] 2020-10-23 0 2020-08-14
Rapid Foray preview Running Wild preview Rapid Foray 2016-08-26 0 2020-03-15
The Scarred People preview Tiamat preview The Scarred People 2012 0 2020-02-10
Amanethes preview Tiamat preview Amanethes 2008-05-02 0 2020-01-31
Legal At Last preview Anvil preview Legal At Last 2020-02-14 0 2020-01-16
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Album reviews written by LORDOSOLIVAIS
18 reviews
preview  Metallica preview  Death Magnetic (2008) (80/100)  2017-09-17
Death MagneticThis album is certainly deserving of praise, but it’s not without its obvious flaws, like the overly long songs. Many of the songs could stand to be a minute or two shorter. And yes, we all know Lars Ulrich’s drumming is boring and Kirk Hammett dry humps his wah pedal whenever he takes a solo. These are the things that it’s easy to point out whenever you listen to Metallica, but these things seem to always be downplayed on here. The drumming is rarely ever the focus of any of Death Magnetic’s ten tracks, so it’s more than easy to ignore. Lars basically just keeps the song moving and nothing more, and I’m not complaining. Hammett’s solos are usually a nuisance, but the riffs behind them are usually very solid and just as easy to focus on. Trujilo’s bass, when you can hear it, is always crunchy and thick, but it’d be nicer to hear it much more often.
preview  Joe Satriani preview  Surfing With the Alien (1987) (100/100)  2017-09-15
Surfing With the AlienJoe Satriani, for everyone who knows who he is, is one of the most amazing guitarists ever. Up to par with Hendrix and Jeff Beck, Satriani has created his own style of guitar, and has experimented with many different sounds and beats. Surfing With the Alien is Satriani's second album, following Not of this Earth. The album contains various styles of rock, from the fast paced riff-machines like Surfing with the Alien" and Satch Boogie" to the slower, melodic Echo"-type songs. A very impressive showcase for this unbelievable beast of a guitar player.
preview  Whitesnake preview  Whitesnake [aka 1987] (1987) (75/100)  2017-08-31
Whitesnake [aka 1987]In 1987, hair metal dominated the charts. It was huge. Bands like Motley Crue and Def Leppard kick-started the trend, and countless bands followed. Some bands (like black metal titans Celtic Frost) changed their styles to hair metal just to be popular and make money. And one of the bands was Whitesnake.
Whitesnake's David Coverdale always wanted to be the next Robert Plant, there was no doubt about that. His voice emulated the Led Zeppelin vocalist, and even his hair did too. Whitesnake began as a bluesy hard rock band (like Led Zeppelin) but when hair metal was the thing to do, Coverdale jumped all over it and released Whitesnake's self-titled album. It was a success. I mean, the lead single had a hot chick in the video! It had to be huge! But the music was pretty terrible.
preview  Judas Priest preview  Screaming for Vengeance (1982) (95/100)  2017-08-30
Screaming for VengeanceEasily one of the most accessible yet vigorously metal albums, the Priest managed to create a deceptively balanced record in Screaming For Vengeance.All told, Screaming For Vengeance is a fine example of how to make an album and is also a very easy recommendation to any metal fan. From an aspiring headbanger to the widest listener of every subgenre, this is a record that can easily click with anyone. While the entire band isn’t on full display and the lyrics aren’t exactly the best out there, this album has more than enough charm to help you look past this and manages to be a great, easy listen.
preview  Judas Priest preview  Unleashed in the East (1979) [Live] (90/100)  2017-08-30
Unleashed in the EastUnleashed in the East, as the album was called, was surrounded by rumours about its authenticity. Claims were made about Rob Halford’s vocals, that were supposedly overdubbed in the studio, as well as the guitar parts. Some even went as far as to say that the album was completely recorded in the studio, and made to sound like a live recording by clever engineering, jokingly referring to it as ‘Unleashed in the Studio’. It was later admitted by both Halford and Tipton that the vocals were done over in the studio, as Halford was suffering from the flu at the time of recording and the original vocals mix was ruined. Whether there is truth to these claims or not, Unleashed in the East stands today as Priest’s most famous live recording, and is still hailed as one of those brilliant 70’s live albums by many.
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Album comments written by LORDOSOLIVAIS
Never Say Die preview  Black Sabbath preview  Never Say Die (1978) (80/100)  2018-09-07
The truth is that the disc does not have the characteristic sound of the Sabbath: dark, heavy and demonic. However it is a good music class that was not restricted to making metal but to show that they knew how to play (and much)!
The End  4 February 2017 Birmingham preview  Black Sabbath preview  The End 4 February 2017 Birmingham (2017) [Live] (100/100)  2018-07-25
As long as the earth endures, there will never be an end for Black Sabbath.
St. Anger preview  Metallica preview  St. Anger (2003) (65/100)  2017-09-17
Metallica says "Fuck You" to everyone...
Turbo preview  Judas Priest preview  Turbo (1986) (45/100)  2017-08-31
You've got low points, real low points, and then you've got Turbo.
How the West Was Won preview  Led Zeppelin preview  How the West Was Won (2003) [Live] (100/100)  2017-08-29
The best official representation of this band's live sound on record.
Let There Be Rock preview  AC/DC preview  Let There Be Rock (1977) (100/100)  2017-08-25
If you enjoy fast, raw, and loud rock you should purchase Let There Be Rock. The part that stands out the most is how every song begins with a “click” sound. As if someone turned on the power or scraped a fingernail against a guitar when they pick it up. So if you want to hear some relentless, reckless, and historic rock find yourself a copy of Let There Be Rock and enjoy.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap preview  AC/DC preview  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976) (90/100)  2017-08-25
Out of the band’s 70’s albums, this one is easily the dullest, least inspired one, barely making the mark. For that, the title seems fitting. It's a little too cheap, even for AC/DC standards. Thankfully, the boys followed it up with one of their top three albums, which perhaps marked the start of their real golden years.
High Voltage preview  AC/DC preview  High Voltage (1976) [Compilation] (100/100)  2017-08-25
The songs about rock are great, the songs about living wild are great, but the songs about women are okay. AC/DC hit the U.S. pretty well for a first album. If you enjoy AC/DC this is one album you should buy. It showcases their early hits and lets you sample the roots of a great band.
T.N.T. preview  AC/DC preview  T.N.T. (1975) (100/100)  2017-08-25
T.N.T. is AC/DC’s most consistent album and arguably their best. Because of the lack of an international release, it rarely gets the kudos it deserves. This was the album that began it all for the Scottish-Australian lads. The majority of these songs have endured the test of time and are undoubted classics.
Track ratings submitted by LORDOSOLIVAIS
18 ratings
Take No Prisoners Dead Giveaway (75/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Don't Leave Me Lonely (75/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Don't Mess Around (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Power Play (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Lady Luck (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners All Mine (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Loss Of Control (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Long Tall Sally (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Respect Me In The Morning (75/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners Bloody Reunion (80/100)   2017-09-07
preview  Molly Hatchet  –  preview  Take No Prisoners (1981)
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