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Spinal Tap

CountryUnited Kingdom
Formed1982, Squatney (East London)
GenresHard Rock, Heavy Metal

Line-up (members)

  • Derek Smalls : Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Gregg Bissonette : Drums, Percussion
  • Nigel Tufnel : Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • David St. Hubbins : Guitars, Lead Vocals
  • "Caucasian" Jeffery Vanston : Keyboards

Former members

  • Mick Shrimpton : Drums
  • Viv Savage : Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals
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Spinal Tap Discography

Album title Lyrics Type Released Rating Votes Reviews
Spinal Tap - Spinal Tap (1984) collection wish list Studio - 0 0
(1984) collection wish list Video - 0 0
(1984) Single - 0 0
(1992) Single - 0 0
(1992) collection wish list Video - 0 0
(1992) collection wish list Video - 0 0
Spinal Tap - Break like the Wind (1992) collection wish list Studio - 0 0
(1992) Single - 0 0
(2000) Single - 0 0
Spinal Tap - Back from the Dead (2009) collection wish list Studio - 0 0
Additional notes
A band made up for the mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap", a satire of the hard rock and heavy metal music scene. It is both made-up and real, because the band members are American actors posing as British musicians, yet they have performed concerts and released records under the name Spinal Tap.

Discography of not-really-released albums, taken from "The Official Companion":
"Spinal Tap" (aka "Spinal Tap Sings '(Listen to the) Flower People' and Other Favorites" (1967)
"We Are All Flower People" (1968)
"Silent but Deadly (1969)
"Brainhammer" (1970)
"Nerve Damage" (1971)
"Blood to Let" (1972)
"Intravenus de Milo" (1974)
"The Sun Never Sweats" (1975)
"Jap Habit - Live" (1975)
"Bent for the Rent" (1976)
"Tap Dancing" (1976)
"Rock and Roll Creation" (aka "The Gospel According to Spinal Tap") (1977)
"Shark Sandwich (1980)
"Smell the Glove" (1982)
"Heavy Metal Memories" (compilation) (1983)

The fictional former members in the movie are as follows:

Jan Van Der Kvelk
Ross MacLochness
Nick Wax
Tony Brixton
Dickey Lane
Denny Upham
Viv Savage (David Kaff) (ex Aftertaste)
C. J. Caucasian Jeffrey Vanston

John "Stumpy" Pepys (Ed Begley Jr.) (RIP)
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs (Russ Kunkel) (B.B. King, Bob Seger) (R.I.P.)
Peter "James" Bond (R.I.P.)
Mick Shrimpton (Ric R.J. Parnell) (R.I.P.)
Rick Shrimpton (Ric R.J. Parnell) (R.I.P.)
Joe "Mama" Besser (Fred Asparagus aka Fred Reveles) (R.I.P.)

(Ric Parnell was a real drummer and in real life served as a member of Atomic Rooster, among others)

Jimmy Adams
Geoff Clovington

Ronnie Pudding (Danny Kortchmar) - Bass (Pudding People)
Julie Scrubbs-Martin - Backing Vocals
Lhasa Apso - Backing Vocals
Little Danny Schindler - Vocals, Harmonica