Herb Music


Formed2009, Minsk
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsAmputated Vein
Years active2009-present

Former members

  • Fiendharon : Guitars (session)
Releases : 2     Total votes : 0     Reviews : 0
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Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum Discography

Album title Lyrics Type Released Rating Votes Reviews
(2013) Demo - 0 0
Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum - Prajecyrujučy sinhuliarnaje wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha j Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła skroź šaścihrannuju pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība na hipierpawierchni (2016) collection wish list Studio - 0 0
Additional notes
The band has come to be known for their unusually long name, which consists of 51 letters. However, for reasonable purposes, it is usually refered to as "Eximperitus".

The band have revealed the meaning of their name :
"An author's individual agglutinative neologism. In it's creation there were used some Latin, Ancient Egyptian, Akkadian and Sumerian terms of the Chaosatanic tradition. It entirely reveals the unutterable name of the antiuniverse. When divided into fragments, it creates the magic spell of the formless Lords of the prior Darkness"

All of the band's song titles and lyrics are written in Slovak.